Thursday, May 17, 2012

School Night Malay/Singaporean Dinner

another first. also, trekked out to parramatta on a school night!

it was quite nice. you can taste the difference between that and chinese cooking and flavours. yay, leftovers for tomorrow! i feel so full....and fat....
apparently that restaurant is well known for that cuisine in parra...

they also had western desserts which they got from another company:
it's a square pyramid strawberry and rock melon ice cream (:

dear virtual baulko-ers: please don't think i'm a rich kid since i dropped all my coins yesterday. i didn't have the hands to pick them up, and they just scattered everywhere....can't remember if it was a lot, except evern if i did drop 2 dollars in coins, you really can't buy lunch, only something minuscule from the canteen.

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