Sunday, May 6, 2012

the stillness

i'm pretty sure, this is the first time in my 17 years that both my parents have gone away from bro and I. usually it's children who go away from parents, like sleepovers/camps etcetc.

it's sooooo quite compared to yday. hopefully i can do more now, and catch up on work missed. monopoly deal gets really addictive when if your brother keeps winning...

and now, you realise how much your parents do when they're not here.
had dinner at church tonight, so i could have at least one "fresh" dinner.

i just hope i don't sleep in tomorrow.

also, i'm 95% sure they did not show Masterchef auditions in season 2 and 3. season 4's auditions involved people with "stories" i think if you didn't have a story or you didn't have a plan for the future you're cut. (like i think they were more lenient in season 1) but i only watched 15mins today, so i restricted myself! mainly because i wasn't ay home to watch the first that's why the ad's have a different setting, because top 50 is in melb not syd...

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