Friday, May 4, 2012

May the 4th be with you (:

haha, get it? i like random jokes from monday assembly (even though i'm sure i've heard it in previous years), and some guys also bothered to bring light sabers today

yday during english, a guy was like "get it" to the Eng teacher, and she's like "of course i get it, i'm an english teacher," i bet they can decipher all those jersey names (maybe even those inside jokes, since they are english teachers after all)

and alsoooo, yesterday i went on a new train, like a NEW NEW TRAIN. it had a ding-dong to announce what station it is, then another when it arrives. it doesn't have those foot rest bars of the newer trains, and it's defs cleaner (since it's new), also, the arm rest thing on the side changed a bit, but the pattern of the seats are the same.

i think my jersey is bigger than the one i ordered, oh well, better big than small, maybe i can wear more layers underneath since they aren't that thick.

talking to career advisor was soo helpful. cleared up some stuff. did you know, she has her own baulko business card? i find it funny, business card for school...

and, in the grade photos, everyone is so small, i thought the actual photo would be bigger. i found two bucks left in the envelop of the muck up photo, i'm quite sure i put in correct money, obviously they didn't care about my two dollars, the muck up one is disappointingly small as well, not worth the money, at least my face is visible...

relatives tomorrow. going to be hectic.
house is still flooding with food everywhere. =/

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