Saturday, May 5, 2012

Relatives (:

i could hear them from across the street when i came back from tutor. apparently they waited for my parents for over an hour...

yayayay-for gifts when i don't ask for any!!!
ahhhhhhh, shoeeeees, like really really nice shoes. i love my aunts fashion sense, wedges, heels etc etc, they were like 2 for 70 hk bucks, which is appox 4 aussie bucks a pair, and they are soooo nice. like in aus, it would be around $60 AU no brands. each shoe has a story, like how she goes to the stores everyday to see if they have specials, and where she buys clothes from. only she can't stop talking...
i shall look at the SUITCASES of clothes and accessories. this aunt knows fashion better than my mum. really happy. unfortunately, it's winter now ): but, she said it's a fashion trend to wear stockings and wedges out. at least she brought over a pair of boots as well (: yay, enough shoes to last me over 10 different events (:

and then other gifts-BUT NO FOOD ))): apparently they wanted to clear customs fast, so not a but of food, luckily i asked for food when my uncle came a month ago...

annd, monopoly deal!!! yay!

pork ribs and steak tonight and fresh raw salmon. yummmmmmmmm! i love when people come over, house food becomes really really good

won't be able to do much work tonight. my has pack boxes of food for their camping tomorrow. it's quite funny. i can't imagine hk people going camping, which is probs why only half of them in will sleep in tents. when they go for a few days, i shall catch up on work.

my little cousin doesn't remember me, but she's not "afraid" of me. she's quite smart, told her once what she could play and where everything was, and she returned everything back into their positions. she's really innocent and was like "i feel like a doll, my dad puts so much clothes on me and it's terrible" but in chinese. maybe i should teach her more english...she has grown so much since i saw her in '10.

13 people in da house! still haven't seen my grandparents yet...probs sleeping...

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