Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not Your Everyday Story

so i came home, ate lunch and then the noise began.

turns out that my grandpa stepped on dog crap, but i didn't smell it...and then they were about to go to yum cha when they found out that it was stepped on today.
everyone was screaming, cleaning, and getting pissed off since they were late. my uncle video-ed the whole thing, they are sooooooo funny, and my mum who tried to clean the shoe. it was such a bigggg piece of crap, which filled itself in the grips/lining of the sole of the shoe. luckily he had another pair of shoes, cause my would never allow crap into our the big car.

then they went to yum cha (i could have gone except it would be a waste of time). they ate like 7 plates, and on the 8th one, with only one thing left, my cousin found a cockroach on the plate. HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT NOTICE? like the person who cooked it, plated it, trollies it, and people on the table.. luckily it was on the plate and in the food.
oh, it's the place in carlingford village, i think some who read this may have gone before.
they didn't have to pay for the dishes before the cockroach thing. only the few after, and my grandpa payed which is a first. he is so stingy about his money, he said he would rather be buried with his money than give it to people (he has reallyreallyreally weird psychological concepts). it's because he didn't admit he stepped in crap, and kept on saying it was dirt, and so he decided to pay to "even" things up.

rahh, that feeling when you forget to do important stuff at night. ):
why do my retainers hurt my teeth? they just feel like plastic braces which are clear. so annoying ):

happy apple is so niceee! we all are busy and she still finds time to make stuff (:

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