Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Hardware Societé

When you go Melbourne, even if it's only for 7 hours, brunch still has to be a priority. This cafe is known for its lines. We got there around 12:30pm on a weekday and waited for around 15mins. 5 mins after we got there, the line was massive. I didn't even realise they have another cafe in Paris, but then why would you go Paris to have brunch when Aussies do brunch best. You go to Paris for the pastries, macarons, unlimited amounts of desserts, and all that French food...As I've said before, I would go back to Paris just for the food...

food spread

drinks, love the pretty latte art

Matcha maiden green tea latte-$5, capp-$4

I had the capp and it had a good depth of coffee in it. I feel like to have good latte art which doesn't sink/disappear in the froth, the froth can't be too airy/foamy, and needs a thicker froth consistency which this one does. The coffee art is a lot more refined here, they did hire a good barista. Tried a bit of the matcha and it had a lovely intense matcha hit in it, more bitter for those who also like their matcha lattes not sweet.

Fried brioche, meringue, passionfruit curd, chocolate chantilly, blueberries-$18

The bread was super soft which is expected from a brioche. First time having fried brioche. I loved the acidity from the passionfruit paired with the not too sweet yet light chocolate chantilly. The blueberries added just the right bit of sweetness, and the meringue had a good crunch without being overly sweet.

Lobster eggs benedict: citrus hollandaise, soft herbs, bun noir, poached eggs-$26


Anything with lobster just elevates a dish to another level, because lobster ain't cheap. There's not a lobster here, but the pieces you get were really fresh, sweet and juicy. It was balanced well with the citrus hollandaise which had just the right amount of acidity, although I do wish there was more sauce since the bun is more bready compared to just having a piece of toast. Yay for runny yolks. I feel like these days, you're cafe won't be successful if you can't make nicely shaped poached eggs.

Baked eggs: chorizo sausage, potato, piquillo peppers, queso mahon, toasted almonds, aioli-$19

Loved how this came bubbling in its cute little pot when it arrived on the table. I tried a bit of this and it wasn't too tomatoey or spicy.

There were other dishes which looked really good as well, but limited time/stomach space to try other things.

it's actually not too small inside

cute tea cups

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  1. Ah the famous Hardware Societé! The latte art looks especially fine.