Wednesday, September 20, 2017

KOI Dessert Kitchen

As a MasterChef fan, I was so excited to see Reynold and his team make these fruit cakes as part of their new Spring menu. It's not as fancy or complicated as the ones made by Kirsten Tibballs in the MasterChef finale this year, but they sure do look like the fruits on tv, just missing fancy components and ice cream/sorbet/multiple layers etc. Funny how nothing is original, since I feel all good ideas always comes from some pastry chef in France, like how these cakes were inspired by Cedric Grolet.

Fruit cakes-$12 each

They aren't cheap and are quite small, but you've got to admire the skills to make each these, and trying to copy the texture of the skin like the actual fruit. I actually don't like the traditional fruit cake. There's actually not a lot of tables to eat there compare to the KOI at Chippendale. Fruitful conversations over cute fruit shaped cakes is always a good idea.


Pear mousse with almond joconde

The pear was my favourite, because there were pear bits inside and tasted more like the fruit it's supposed to be. The white choc skin wasn't too sweet and I liked how they put the dots on them like on real pears.


Almond sablé, vanilla mandarin mousse, pineapple jam

Couldn't really taste the pineapple jam, and would've liked more mandarin flavour in the mousse since the vanilla was a bit more overpowering. The sablé wasn't too hard so easier to cut into.


Peach mousse, Sudachi and almond joconde

Was hoping for a more flavourful peach flavour, but I guess that made it less artificial and not too sweet. The sudachi was very subtle, just the slightest bit of acidity.


Apples with some sort of mousse

They didn't have a description of this but it's similar to the other cakes. It was still a bit frozen inside when I cut into it. Liked the apple bits inside to give it some acidity, but found the white choc here a bit too sweet. Most of the cakes weren't too sweet which is pretty good.

Surprisingly over the years I've actually tried most of the cakes. There's still a lot I haven't tried since they keep making new cakes, but that's the beauty of desserts since there will always be more to try. They have recently released a lemon version just this week, so hope to try that as well sometime. 

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  1. It's great that they aren't too sweet, because I always imagined the skin to be like fondant.