Monday, September 11, 2017

Meet Mica

New cafes are still popping up in Sydney. It's pretty much impossible to visit all these places even as a uni student where you technically have more time for brunch compared to a full time worker since all these places close in the afternoon. I like how this cafe does a modernised take of some Jap food and flavours.

food spread

Matcha french lava toast: matcha lava toast with matcha milk foam, strawberry dust & seasonal fruit-$18

look at that matcha lava-ness

this is what I came for

condensed milk syrup-mid drip

I've had a fair bit of french toasts and tend to not order it as much when I go to cafes, unless they're different like this one. First time having french toast with matcha sauce inside. I don't think there's a nice way to cut into it, but I just loved how the sauce oozed out. There was also a good hit of matcha, and if you like your matcha strong, then there's not much need to add the sauce. I originally thought it was a white choc sauce, but it's a bit more viscous/stringy. Personally I don't think it needed it but it really depends on how sweet you like things. The actual toast was more on the bready side, but it was thick enough to mop up the sauce.

Porridge: classic oatmeal porridge with yuzu, banana custard, seasonal fruit, coconut foam & roasted almonds-$14.5

This is actually a pretty big bowl of porridge, so if you're looking for something filling then order this. Loved the presentation with the strawberry dust, but was hoping for more yuzu flavour and coconut flavour in the foam. Once you eat the top layer, the porridge near the bottom is a bit flavourless, so would've liked more flavour throughout the bowl.

lite sammies bento-$14.5 
smoked salmon, mustard dill cream, pickled fennel & mixed greens
avocado, grilled zucchini, roasted pepper, spinach, pesto
japanese egg roll & lettuce

You don't often see bento boxes at cafes, but I guess this is a modernised cafe so why not? They come with 3 cute sandwiches, each with a different filling and sort of Jap flavours. Loved the crispy lotus root chips.


I also came for the cute latte art-can't resist cute food. The milk was frothed well and coffee flavour wasn't too bitter or weak. Also tried the organic chai tea ($5) and loved the intensity of the spices in it. I feel like sometimes you can taste the different between organic and non organic tea since it's normally has a stronger taste.


Seating inside isn't too cramped. It's a nice cafe to meet new people at Meet Mica.

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