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Not a typical place to find a cafe in a sort of alley way.  The menu is surprisingly extensive, and also so many choices for drinks. There's not much seating inside the cafe, so if you do want a seat, head there before the lunch hour.

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Pink latte: signature beverage with notes of sweet berries and watermelon (large)-$5.50

It's so pretty! This drink was so good, loved the watermelon flavoured milk with hints of floral and berry flavour. The large is actually quite a decent size, and I think it's worth the money, compared to having it in a cone but you get a lot less, and from memory it's around $6.50. It's quite pretty in the cup as well, so unless you really want the whole #coffeeinacone insta photo, I'd recommend to have it in a cup.

Coffeevocado: Indonesian Kopi Susu mixed with hypovocado-$8.50

Interesting how they topped it with some chocolate fairy floss. Wished there was more avo, but I guess that's why they have a separate drink called Hypovocado since that's an actual avo shake. You could taste bits of the creaminess from the avo, and the coffee has a more sweeter flavour here. I think the chocolate drizzle on the glass side was too overpowering and made it a bit too sweet towards the end when it got mixed into the drink.

Super bowl: double portion mi goreng, with pork belly, salsa/chilli matah, corned beef and melted cheese, sausages and extra toppings-$20

This is definitely my fanciest mi goreng I've ever had-just look at those toppings all neatly lined up! I rarely have mi goreng at home, probably not even once a year, so I don't think I can compare what this one tastes like compared to others...At least it wasn't too oily. Would have liked the pork belly to have a bit more of a crunch from the skin, but the toppings themselves also weren't too salty. Towards the end the chilli did get a bit too much, but I think it's probably fine for people who have a 'normal' chilli tolerance.

Even though it's a small cafe with minimal seating, actual mi goreng cost is pretty cheap, but since they put nice toppings and makes it look pretty, they definitely can still make a profit out of mi goreng. 

Champion: smoked wagyu slice on toast with poached eggs and truffle hollandaise-$18


I saw that the hollandaise had truffle in it, so knew I had to try it. Obviously they used truffle oil, but wished they put in a bit more, since you can taste the truffle in the sauce on it's own, but when mixed in with everything else, can't taste the truffle in it. I think the toast is a bit small for the price and a bit more would've been nice to help soak up all the yolk and sauce. There wasn't much beef and found the smokiness was a bit subtle. This eggs benny is average, but I loved how they sprinkled some rose petals on it.

I wouldn't mind coming back here to try some of their other drinks. 

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