Thursday, September 21, 2017


After all the years of lining up for free food, experience has taught me to get there early. First day of opening of a new Poké food bar, and they were giving out free small bowls to the first 100 people. I was worried that there were already 100 people lining up before me, but I guess people weren't as keen as free Poké bowls compared to free Mac lipsticks from last month... Got there around 15min before opening, and for once, there weren't that many people. Normally there are heaps of people since it's situated amongst heaps of office workers, and 5 mins later, the line was massive. I always see photos of Poké bowls when people go to Hawaii, and it seems to be the new trend in Sydney, with many places trying to have more healthier food choices.

First time having a Poké bowl!

The Hawaiian: sashimi salmon and tuna, hawaiian soy, pineapple salsa, pickled cabbage, edamame, (seaweed salad), wonton crisps-$10.95

Meat Lovers: chicken and steak, pineapple teriyaki, (broccoli and mushroom salad), pickled cabbage, corn, edamame, wonton crisps-$10.95

They only had 3 choices/flavours since it was opening day/free/discounted. The stuff in brackets weren't served since it was only a small portion. I think they gave less fish/meat because it was free. It's definitely a healthy lunch option since it's served on brown rice, without all those heavy salad dressings. I think some people might find it a bit bland, but I'm used to not heavily flavoured food at home. I guess this is sort of considered 'clean eating'. All the ingredients were quite fresh. Probably the unhealthiest thing is the wonton crisps, but I like how they add a bit of texture.


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  1. Haven't had a poke bowl before but your photos make them look so fresh and healthy!