Saturday, September 23, 2017

iPhone 8

yay new iPhone!

Decided to pick it up in store since it felt safer for the phone. Wouldn't be surprised if Aus Post chucks the phone around during delivery... So many other people picking up a new phone even towards the end of the day. First time going to Towers since they officially implemented the ticketless parking. It actually does make a difference doing timed parking since all the staff park outside, and you can actually find a parking spot straightaway.

meet my iPhone fam: 3G, 4s, 5, 6s plus, 7, 8

iPhone stack

I've been wanting to do this for a while just for fun (I'm actually not that materialistic, these phones are between 3 people for around 5 years. The 3G was 3rd hand when I had it, but hey, it's an iPhone so no complaints). They have improved from shrink wrap style packaging since 3G/4s, to just pulling a tab and the outer plastic comes off from the box. I am missing the first iPhone packaging, which I know one of my uncles bought back in 2007, but doubt he's kept the box. I also couldn't find my dad's 4s box...

The actual foiling is the same rose gold colour and shade, but looks different because of the box background colour. For once, the box is coloured a little bit pink here in iPhone 8 compared to all the previous iPhones where the box is a white colour. Inside, everything is similar to the 7, but keen to see if I can tell a difference with some added features to the screen with True Tone, camera and augmented reality. I don't play games though, but might download one to see how AR works. (I also realised taking photos at my desk doesn't have the best lighting when it's cloudy).

The colour is so pretty irl! It's gold, but not really since it's like a tint of rose gold mixed with a white gold, not yellow gold. The colour is a lot softer compared to my current rose gold which tbh is pink. So glad I got this colour since silver only had white on the back, whereas this colour is mixed, and sort of looks different at different angles. The actual phone is quite sleek because of the glass, and also they didn't have the 'Designed in California, made in china' and all those disposing instructions on the back, only says iPhone.

Won't be using it until next month, but that's ok since I'm also still waiting for a cheap phone case to slowly float across to be delivered which will be here next month...Technically I can use this phone, but then I ceebs switching phones for a week, and re-syncing everything twice. 

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  1. That new phone feel! I look forward to seeing it in real life sometime!