Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Free tea!

Missed out on getting a free cup of their new Morning Sunshine last week, but managed to get a free cup of Melbourne Breakfast. I think this is the only FB ad/offer which is legit. I wouldn't pay $4 though for someone to brew my tea. They put around 2 small teaspoons, but for $15 you can get a box to brew yourself. Then again, is convenient for someone else to make it for you. Their cups aren't the best though since the lid doesn't really suction on properly. The person still gave me a sample of the Morning Sunshine to try. It's a smoother black tea, but I was expecting it to be more fragrant and stronger. Also, since when did FB Messenger have ads..? 

When people understand your feels, both inside and outside of uni 👌

Like today, experienced another 'face palm' moment. How did this lecturer even get her PhD if she doesn't even know the basics like base in or out? Or just simple calculations she can't do in her head, but in the exam she makes us do mentally with numbers which don't work nicely? The other person who also had a 5min worksheet 'decide our fate' also has the same feels. I guess so do the other optom peeps, as that lecturer hasn't changed since first year. Just copies off the textbook, reads off slides, tries to explain but goes in circles hence doesn't explain anything. I did send a few essay length emails around last year, but obviously nothing has changed. In fact this year, she didn't even correct the mistakes in the slides compared to last year's notes, and she skims through the slides and talks even less. So is last year's notes write or do I study off this year's uncorrected errors? She is notorious for changing slides during the lecture and not saving them, so the year before us, last year and this year all the lecture slides have the same mistakes, which brings me back to how she marked differently from what she taught.  I think people also don't bother asking her questions cause we're not going to get a straight answer. 

Also in another strand, wrote the same thing as last year, but got marked wrong this year and right last year? Now I'm just confused as to which one is right or wrong. I don't bother chasing these small controversies, but in the finals, it matters. Although that worksheet isn't tested (I think), why can't the lectures just be more consistent in marking....

Just doesn't help how the lectures have gotten worse compared to last year (and wasn't that great to begin with). I also ended up doing the SES surveys last week because they sent like 10 emails to both uni and personal emails. Should have wrote more since it's a 3rd party survey, but was in a good mood that day. If I did the survey today, it would've been a different story.

Another frustrating thing are participants dropping out when they only have 2 or 3 visits left, literally just 2 more weeks until they finished. Can't hate them though since they already volunteered their time, but still, having a drop out just decreases all the numbers. 

Also, rumours going around they want to axe around 40 people this year so they can fit the 'max' numbers of around 60 people, and there won't be supp exams this year. Even though it's just talk, optom can do anything, so if they want to cut, they will find a way to cut imo. It's actually around 2 months until finals, so I should stop talking and start studying...

Tl;dr, frustrated that nothing has changed.

Rant over.

At least my day was made with a casual night catch up. Thanks again Better for opening up your home! It's nice just to chill and talk, and not really do anything. I get overly excited hearing about other peoples' travels. Nice to also Skype JB-Hi5 from the other side of the world. Also, did not even realise takoyaki chips existed, even though they taste like a really sweet BBQ sauce, it's quite interesting to try.

Aqua S: avocado and yuzu

Haven't had Aqua S in so long (May 2016 to be precise, I guess that's why I keep all the photos on my phones for random references like these). I think since then they've been repeating flavours and I hardly walk past it either because my bus stop isn't across from Regent place anymore ever since they started all the construction. I was quite excited to try the avo since I've never had avo ice cream before, but it just sort of tasted like vanilla, with a tad bit of avo. Super subtle and the green does look a bit too fluro compared to an actual avo. The yuzu flavour was so good though, super flavourful so would recommend. I think I should do a soft serve count at the end of the year. Still a fair bit of ice cream in Sydney I want to try.

Monday night bus ride homes are now uneventful with GoT finished. Here's to waiting another 2 years...

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  1. Ahh yes! I wanted to try the morning sunshine as well! But didn't get around to it.

    I think the avocado was a creative touch that could have really worked! But you're right, the fluro was a tad OTT maybe.