Sunday, September 17, 2017

Possum Magic

It's been a whirlwind of a week even though I only had 1 day of uni, ironically. Excluding last sem when there wasn't any lectures, this past week was probably the first time ever having just 1 day of uni during the semester. From food expos, catch ups, 'networking' events, so here's a compilation of photos from the week, because why not?

For those wondering, I ended up getting iPhone 8 in Gold. It's really the same as iPhone 7 but I can't hold an 8 Plus and X I would rather wait for the one after since I don't need all these fancy functions. Pre orders started from 5:01pm, but couldn't order it till 5:07pm. Reminded me back in 1st/2nd year of trying to get the best timetabled classes, and just waiting for the not so trusty UNSW servers to load.

view from L'Aqua, Cockle Bay Wharf

If I wasn't so lazy and decided to walk those extra steps, that damn light in the middle wouldn't be in the way.

Trivia Night

Speccies always chooses a decent location with catered food/drinks, and of course persuading people to work for them. Thank goodness for other friendly people so not too awkward to just join the table. Came last in trivia, but it was still good fun. So embarrassing taking the above photo. I slightly stood up and said just wait to the table, but because our table was at the front, the person thought I was telling them to wait so I could take a photo of the slide lol. I actually don't really care what they think, just funny how they thought I was trying to take a pic of the slides. Not many people came this year compared to last year though, at least the food this year wasn't all deep fried.

Some friends are worth trekking to the city for, even if it's just for 2 hrs. It's always nice when others make an effort to catch up esp from interstate. Who knew ordering drinks for 6 people is actually quite complicated (another post to come).

Yesterday was pretty hectic in a good way. Met up with my cousin and uncle's friend for drinks/food.

capp and mocha from Lindt Cafe

I actually haven't been here since they had some free mocha thing back in 2013...Still found the dark choc quite sweet though.

sushi train!

One of our relo's friend came to Sydney literally for a day for this sushi and to pick up stuff. More on that later....Then went back home to bring more stuff out so he could take more Aussie food back to HK.

iced chai lattes whilst looking at diamonds...

2 days after I paid, they said students could go for free, so they are 'compensating' me with a free ticket to the Xmas party...So I guess more free food?

Mercure Sydney Hotel

I am so glad I went to this networking event to just hear about all these super experienced optoms who come from all over the place. People in research, started up their own practice, people who do more business/management and not see patients, others moved from overseas,  some moved 4/5 jobs, and just their overall passion gives me motivation. Although I was a bit confused as to where I want to head in the future, but I have another year to think about it, just gonna get through this sem first...I knew the food wasn't gonna be amazing, but it was nice just chatting to people and seeing how they got to where they are. Pretty much with so many grads it's almost impossible to achieve what they did since back then they could pick the jobs they want, whereas now it's a bit flipped...It's also a tad bit more reassuring to hear they have a life outside of optom/work. Even as a Christian, it's always a struggle between life vs study vs work...and it's only going to get harder...

it's a purple and pink $2 coin! 💜

I actually forgot what the book Possum Magic is about, but I do remember reading this classic as a kid. This is indeed my fav $2 coin though. Perks of working in retail sometimes...just switch my boring $2 with something like this. Quick Google search says only Woolies supplied these limited edition Possum Magic coins. The Anzac poppies were nice, but this is another level- can't get over the prettiness and cuteness. 

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