Wednesday, September 13, 2017

iPhone 8 and X

I have waited 5 years for the iPhone 8 and the time has finally come! For those who don't know, 8 is my favourite number (and not for reasons like the Chinese who think it's lucky). When my trusty iPhone 5 died suddenly last year, I was like nooo, died one year too soon since I wanted to use it for almost 5 years until the iPhone 8 was released, so ended up getting the iPhone 7 straight away on the 27th Sept, so I haven't even have my current phone for even a year. I may have unintentionally watched the majority of the Keynote today...

The plan was always to get the 8 so I could give mum my 7 since her 4s wifi died over a year ago, but still surprised her 4s is still alive. Another 4 figure spending this year. I feel like I don't spend a lot, but my 2 'spontaneous' purchases this year were both 4 figures so gg...Hence no more holidays this year...

So first thoughts. Funny how a few people asked me today. Yes, Apple fan girl here.
- iPhone 8 is not much different compared to 7, pretty much same camera and display, apart from added Tru Tone, plus obviously a new chip.
- Do I need wireless charging? Well going to have to purchase the additional Air Power once it comes out next year, but I think I'll still stick to wires.
- Augmented reality games seem cool, although I'm probs too busy studying to play that sort of stuff
- 8 is 0.2mm thicker and 10g heavier than 7. Would I be able to feel the difference? Maybe
- The colours have gone back to the iPhone 5s initial colours: silver, gold, space grey, and they got rid of rose gold, black and jet black.
- They brought back the back glass like in 4s, the thing with cases is that you don't really touch the back, but hey, glass looks pretty.
- If there was a time to change the numbering, then obviously it's for the 10th anniversary, hence the iPhone X (ten). I'm so glad they skipped 9 though, cause iPhone 7s, or 8s or 9 just doesn't cut it for the 10th year of iPhones tbh.
- X is so expensive.
- 8 is actually cheaper than 7 release price since both are $1079 base model, but 7 started at 32gb and 8 now at 64gb. I've been running on 1gb memory space for the past few months, but I have a feeling once I get 64gb I'll still run out quite quickly cause everything like photos takes up more space. Gone are the days of $800 entry price for iPhone 5...
- I wonder if anyone actually made it inside the Keynote with an Android phone, or do they have to show their badge + their iPhone as another 'pass' to enter?
- 8 Plus is out of the question since it's way too big for me to hold, and I'm pretty sure won't fit into my current bag compartments. That was always a problem when I first moved from tiny 5 to 7 but it was surprisingly easy to adjust to the 7 size.

So dilemmas:
- Do I want to spend an extra $500+ for the iPhone X? It's obviously going to have even more improvements next year since first time adding facial recognition. I still think it's a bit odd for it to recognise your face. I am fine with Touch ID. Like I've only had it for less than a year since iPhone 5 didn't have Touch ID and I'm loving it. Only reason I never put a passcode on my 5 was because I was too lazy to type it in every time. Sometimes when your finger is wet or you just put on hand cream the touch ID isn't as sensitive so I can see how Face ID would be useful, but apart from that I think Touch ID is still pretty cool.
- The portrait mode in iPhone X is a pretty sleek feature, but I don't normally take photos of people, so again, not sure if worth the extra price. I actually don't like using filters because it seems a bit fake sometimes, but since portrait mode is all inbuilt and does contouring stuff. Seems pretty cool, but would I use it daily for the price you pay?
- Animoji is pretty cute, but would the other person need an X for it to work?
- X is also a bit heavier and bigger than 8...
- Do I really need a massive screen with super high resolution and HDR display? I'm pretty sure I don't even use my 7 to its full capacity.
- The gold in 8 seems to have a pink undertone rather than yellow which I find too gold in the current iPhones. I'm a silver person, but I got rose gold in 7 since I know my mum likes pink. Now I'm not sure what colour to get since the silver seems too basic, but the gold has a nice warm colour to it.
- I think after thinking for a day, I'm leaning towards 8 at this stage because I don't really need top of the range as I won't use all it's functions, and I like the number 8. Have less than 48hrs to decide if I want to pre order 8 or wait longer for X...

I am still glad I am holding off a West Coast trip despite really wanting to visit the other side of America. The Apple Park looks amazing, and I'll defs make that a pit stop during a road trip if/when I make another trip to the US. It's like an Apple themed theme Park! Almost as good as DisneyWorld in Florida (also poor Florida...). That architecture is amazing, even just watching videos of it. It just gives of a really happy and peaceful vibe. Pretty cool how it's also fully solar powered.

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