Friday, September 8, 2017

Frozen Custard

PSA: not worth the money

It was on sale last week for $4 at Woolies and this week at Coles, normally $8. It does not taste like frozen custard at all. The best frozen custard is from Shake Shack back when I had it in NYC, but didn't have the stomach space when I went to Shake Shack in London to have it again or the time in Tokyo or stopover in Dubai, so missing a proper frozen custard. I think Gojima has frozen custard, but I had it in their drink, so if I go there again will see if their frozen custards are up to scratch.

This one just tastes like a less creamy version of vanilla ice cream, with less vanilla flavour and a more custardy sweet flavour, plus colour is a bit more yellow. It's a bit softer but not as smooth or silky and looks northing like the picture, and tastes more like a harder ice cream. You can pay $4 and get a 2L tub of normal ice cream.

Also, Connoisseur ice cream RRP have increased in price. I think it's half price somewhere for $5, it used to be half price for $4, so it's increased by $2. I know it's still heaps cheaper than having ice cream outside...

Although I don't know much about inflation, I think I'm pretty good with dessert inflation. For example, Zumbo individual V8 cakes initially were $9.50 then $10, now they're $11 or 2 for $20. The large V8 cake I got for my one of my 21st cakes was $75, now they sell for $80. I'll still probs ending up trying some new V8 flavours since they're limited edition, but would actually go broke if I got one of each flavour (well I think I've tried 2 of them, but buying 6 others still ain't cheap).

The bad thing about not going to uni is missing out on freebies like at VFNO and they have edible balloons at The Galeries. I guess the whole #fomo feels have subsided a bit (hence only a mental list of places to eat lol). But so much for originality. We all know Dominique Ansel came up with food + helium balloon. The one at the Galeries isn't as cool since the food is tied on the outside of the string and food not inside the balloon, and I'm sure the edible balloon is just all sugar. At least people like Reynold credit other people...Also, Dominique Ansel released a 'passport' for pastries and you get a stamp for every place you've tried. Why couldn't he release it 3 years ago? I guess it makes for an excuse to re-visit countries again and have more cronuts. I'm glad I've still held off a West Coast trip since he's opening a restaurant later this year. At least some cafes nowadays have changed their 'cronuts' into diff names, since if you didn't know, he trademarked the name Cronut when he first invented it.

I completely understand why parents end up buying a big car for their kids. Initially it's like why do you even need a big car if you drive by yourself? Big cars are really a matter of safety, despite the petrol costs probably 2-3x more than a small car. Most likely won't use the 4WD or SUV functions when you're driving around, but it'll protect you from other careless people on the road. Like the other day my dad for driving the small car and he was stopped at an intersection, but someone just bumped into him. No one was hurt and I don't think there was a lot of impact, but because it was the small car and material/quality these days have decreased, the bumper was broken. Our current small car material does feel 'cheaper' than our old small car. Like even the interiors when you put stuff in the boot it's sort of roughened a lot. If cars didn't depreciate the day you purchase it, I think I would invest in a bigger car, or even just a car with a longer boot...

FB and insta updates have changed their replies to a more convo like setting. On the FB app, things appear more emoji/cartoon like...interesting though. I bet next week all these apps will have more updates ready for iOS 11.

The struggles of assignments when you start and have no idea how you reach the word limit, but then towards the end you somehow have way too much and don't know where to cut down.

Just realised yday that I can comment on blogs, maybe my Blogger isn't as stuffed as I thought it was...

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  1. I tried this frozen custard and totally agree! The caramel one was a bit better I think? Maybe too sweet still though.