Friday, July 29, 2016

this week doesn't feel like sem 2 wk 1. for most of us, we're pretending this week is our last week of holidays, since placement did involve work for 2 weeks (i was just lucky that there was time for me to go exploring and play). finally stayed at home just doing nothing (actually heaps of stuff to taxes...). i actually skipped a day a uni already this week because i thought i wasn't up for it. turns out next day i was actually sick in the middle of the week, and now better.

spent over my weekly income on food this week, and it's not even my birthday month yet :'(
goodbye money, but good food and good company. i guess in this world it's not all about money, and money is earned to be spent, so yolo.

1L of Messina: Bishop of Kent (vanilla anglaise gelato w/ rhubarb puree and oat crumble), yogurt berry, apple pie, pandan and coconut-$22.80

Shouted my optom girls Messina, since I was worried I wouldn't make it to 2nd sem. So thankful for the people around me who are willing to help. Couldn't taste any rhubarb in the bishop of Kent special and not much oat crumble. First time having the yogurt one, and it's like a creamy but gelato-y. Apple pie was sweeter than I remembered. Everyone loved my go to flavour-pandan and coconut.

made a baked cheesecake today as well, finally got round to using my KitchenAid food processor (for those of you who remember i won it at a comp). i should use my stuff more, just like how i should use my bags more.

(if anyone has any tips on removing the tin base, let me know)

Followed the MasterChef receipe, and I have to say it's actually foolproof. Taste just like what you find in cafe's or even better. The biscuit base wasn't as solid as I would've liked, probs didn't 'pack' it down hard enough, but the filling was creamy, smooth, not too sweet, and the right amount of cheesiness you'll find in a cheesecake. Can't have too much at once since it's still pretty dense if you have a massive slice.

not going to do any study this weekend. bet i'm going to regret it next week when clinics start.

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  1. Aww you're so sweet, shouting your friends Messina!

    And man, your cheesecake looks on point.