Tuesday, July 26, 2016

another season of MasterChef has come to an end, and poor Matt and his split end. i don't hate Elena, just don't like her, didn't even noticed her until halfway through. she played it too safe at the beginning, where as Matt is consistently good. didn't even realise she's from Sydney, and she doesn't even have a food dream. they normally ask them about it, but not this time. found it weird how they tasted their dishes outside. btw, how do they even stand for a total of 60min for entree, 75mins main and then 5.5 hour cooking Heston's dessert? plus extra waiting, eating, cleaning, filming time? that feels impossible just cooking 8 hrs in one day under pressure...i feel like in fine dining, you split it into lunch and dinner service, but even then, each one won't be 8 hours...at least she doesn't win an Alfa Romeo...what is she even going to do with all that money?

this season wasn't as good. think last season was better, more exciting dishes i.e. Reynolds desserts. i was so sick of Elise and her parfaits by like the 2nd week. this year there was just too many parfaits, i feel like i can perfect one (not that i've even attempted one...)

now that MC has finished, let's hope sem 2 marks are better...uni seems so hectic already

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  1. Matt! This was a devastating end. I didn't watch it, but just hearing about what happened is pretty heartbreaking.