Monday, July 25, 2016

Boon Cafe

The concept of a Thai style cafe is pretty cool, and the menu is very extensive in both dishes and drinks (more than half the things are spicy which helps to limit my choices). There's not much seating as the cafe if located next to the Thai supermarket, with an Kitchen downstairs. We manage to get a table for 6 during lunch time, but were seated quite tightly.

Thai Milk Tea Latte
Anchan: blue butterfly pea tisane (iced tea)-$4

the gorgeous purple

I quite liked this drink (even though they probably put some syrup in it). The flavour is quite subtle and not too sweet.

Behind: Matcha Latte and Goldilocks Latte cold pressed turmeric, milk & vallentines medicinal honey-$5

The goldilocks latte is a very acquired taste. It really did taste odd with the medicinal honey since the combination with numeric made it taste like some Chinese medicine. I had a few sips of it since my friend didn't like it, and even I couldn't drink anymore of it. 

Noam Todt: fried fermented pork & rice cake, peanuts, soft herb & pickled cabbage salad-$13

The option was either sandwich or brown rice bowl. The photo looked good so I opted for the sandwich option (even though I hardly order sandwiches when I go out since that's my lunch staple). Turns out it was a simple bread roll which was lightly toasted, but tasted store bought. Most of the sandwich fillings said spicy, so to me, that would be really spicy. This didn't have spicy in it, but unfortunately it was fermented in spicy stuff. Would have liked more pork (and a warning that it was spicy, since I told the waiter I can't really eat spicy. I guess it isn't spicy to them...) I could just manage to finish this dish without crying. The salad was nice and refreshing especially with the coriander. Again, not enough filling since I felt like I kept eating bread that was spicy in each bite.


This dish came out first, and it was a decent bowl of soupy noodles.

Stir fried noodles with pork and thousand year egg

Overly sauced noodles which seemed like soup but not

Crab pasta

This dish took forever to come out. More than half the table finished their meals (and we ate slower than normal), and this dish still didn't come out. We checked up on the order earlier, and they said it was still coming, but evidently took forever. Don't order this dish since you don't want everyone to watch you eating. Also, there was minimal crab in it.

Too bad the cafe sold out of pandan croissants by lunch time. The table said their noodles were generally average. We didn't get any pastries or desserts so maybe that will change our mind about this cafe.

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