Sunday, January 12, 2014

Zumbo Cafe-Rozelle

was looking forward to this the whole week, after i knew about it from his insta/fb page (:

i don't know why my snapchat said roseville instead of rozelle.

i used to think balmain/rozelle was really far away. back then when he first appeared on masterchef in 09, i couldn't drive, so yes, it was far away and not public transportable. and i don't know why i never really realised rozelle is just across the road from lilyfield. we go to lilyfield often since we have a good family friend there. all those times i went to lilyfield i could have visited his rozelle patisserie! he gave out this 10% ice cream vouchers, i shall use them next time i'm near. rozelle is on the other side of victoria rd, but his place isn't near the main section of rozelle. it's about a 2 min walk from the main section. driving takes longer since you have to drive around the streets filled with one way signs. it's not really a trek to get here, about 30ish mins, but traffic was good today (: 90% of the time, victoria road has traffic. today it was move-able traffic. i still remember the time, end of 2012, my bro was going to hk by himself and we drove the slow victoria rd, and so much traffic everywhere and he made it 5mins before bag drop closed. so we never ever take victoria rd if we go to the airport to drop off people anymore.

so glad i found a spot without waiting (: all free spots in the carpark are 2 hours, and there are street parking, but some is ticketed, and they're mostly full.

famous graffiti wall

got there 12ish, and decided to have some brunch and enjoy the view of the kitchen whilst sitting inside. 15mins later, people started arriving, and there are limited seats inside, so some people ate standing up. everyone was after free ice cream, but i really wanted to try some stuff there. i didn't want to risk almost missing out last time with morrison's free burgers...

lemon meringue-$9, mia quiche (pumpkin and goats cheese)

i think i prefer the grounds lemon meringue slightly, their meringue is slightly sweeter. even though i don't like desserts overloaded with sugar, i secretly have a sweet tooth. this one was so pretty, and still worth the $9. was quite lemony without it being too acidic (:

we got 2 caps, $3 each, pretty good price for a decent cup.

there was a time when 5 people huddled around a cake. possible red velvet since it was covered with a cream cheese but not sprayed red yet.

free ice cream flavours (:

there was two times this amount of silpat mats. rrp $35

first in line!

salted butter popcorn, watermelon and lychee, raspberry shortbread, gin and tonic.

i had the salted butter popcorn and it tastes like what it sounds (: i think i prefer it in ice cream form over macaron form. watermelon and lychee was good-not too sweet. the raspberry shortbread was the sweetest surprisingly. it was kind of more cheesecake bits and pieces inside the ice cream. the gin and tonic was the most "adult" flavour. not sweet at all, but tastes like the drink.


got this extra scoop since i just mentioned i almost guessed close to the flavours he posted on his insta (: this was actually no where as sweet as the actually lolly. it was a nice subtle flavour and a good amount of creaminess. most of his ice creams aren't too creamy, so it's not too heavy on the body, hehe.


he actually scooped ice cream. but after about 15mins, this other guy helped him. but he couldn't take photos since he was busy turning his back to everyone scooping out ice cream. i didn't want to wait until the end since it's only 2hours parking, and needed to go back home then church. i guess i could've asked him for a photo before he started scooping, but he just stood on the other side of the door...

got tagged in a comment, and zumbo liked my photo! mission complete =D 
made my day (:

i really love zumbo's new website (well it's changed it's format a few months ago). his old website was un-navigatable. like how the old event cinemas website was really bad, if you want to look at seats you had to pretend to buy a ticket, unlike now where there's a "quick view" button.

bought my grandparents out with my mum and i. didn't have enough time to show them the inner city's hip weekend markets. we left at 1.30ish, and the line was just out the door, so it was quite short, but later i saw a photo and it went down the street....the good thing about giving out free ice cream is that it's so fast, easy and efficient! i think the only thing slowing it is people not deciding what flavours to get.

found out at church i'll be stuck in the same group with my brother for kids fun days...

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