Friday, January 10, 2014

Chocolate Fudge Tarts

made these yesterday, inspired from the whole pantry app (:

the filling was the mousse form last time, but with less cacao, since it was a bit too much on the bitter side, but still very decadent. this time the colour wasn't as dark, and was a bit sweeter.

the tart cases are made from dates and almonds with more cacao. i don't like eating dates, but with almonds they're actually not a bad combo. it's times like these where i want a thermomix. they are heaps more functional than kitchenaids (although apparently people rich enough to own a thermomix also owns a kitchen aid-the thermomix isn't as good for mixing baked goods). thermomixes are about $2k, so more than double than kitchenaids....but they're so versatile! had some blended walnut dessert thing from a friend, and it blended the walnuts sooo smoothly. i used my old blender since i didn't want my newer blender to scratch. the old blender couldn't blend all the almonds finely, and you could feel it overheating =/

eating one of these tarts is soooo filling, since they're filled with nutritious ingredients which make you less hungry/more full for longer. and they're a good and healthy treat as well (:

finished three books in 5 days-and they're thickish books. feel like i need to get all my holiday reading done by january. i didn't even turn on my laptop for the past two days/and hardly went on social media, and managed to skip family outings to The Entrance and Port Stephens, and some yum cha outings. i actually read really slowly-normally it takes me about a week to finish a book (but that was during high school where i had school...) i can do nothing but read the whole day-i guess it's because there is zero time during uni to leisurely read. 

the trilogy i just finished has characters exactly like twilight but without vampires and werewolves, should i put it....a hundred times more idea how they are going to get an audience since it would probably be rated R...i guess the storyline isn't too bad, it's just badly written (like twilight...). sometimes you have to wonder what are the chances of someone meeting a guy who earns $100 000/hr. but i guess if you're the author, you can just write whatever you wish.

kind of regretting helping out at church next week for kids fun days. i've helped out in the past 3 ones...but soo much stuff to i can't even be bothered to take a look at some things on for sydney festival. so glad i'm only working once a week. two more book to read before a whole week is gone next week...

i kinda regret getting a kikki k diary this year. it's my first time, but it's too pretty to write in. i feel like it can't take the harshness of uni work in it, haha.

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  1. Those look really nice, I love cooking with uber healthy ingredients, haha! And I felt like that with my Kikki K diary for a while but you do get used to it after a while! :)