Saturday, January 11, 2014


is it possible to fall in love with a country you've never been to?

i really love america <3 especially the skylines-i think they are to die for, and worth going. when i have the money/time in the future, i would visit the ones i love. it's hard to travel once you go into the workforce..unless your job requires it, which was probably to only reason i would do commerce to travel, but i know you can travel when you retire so it's all good (:

just looking at photos it looks so gorgeous! i loveee the tall buildings and unique buildings beside a river/beach combined with history. sydney has a harbour, but our buildings are like midgets compared to the world, and it doesn't have much history.

favourites so far: new york, seattle, miami, boston, san fran, philadelphia, chicago.

surprisingly not LA...don't get me wrong, i would love to go there, just not for the skyline. even though NY central park is all man made, it's still beautiful to have nature against a city of tall buildings.

i would love to live there someday. living in a super tall building with a modern apartment and a full glass wall around the apartment, and just looking at those skylines...the view! some books and photos capture the skylines so well (: and i haven't even started talking about the shopping, food and transport! (and might bump into the occasional celebrity, or be in the background of a movie. wait-do they always hire a whole city of background people for movies or is that just all done by the computers...)

apart from the fact that america's welfare isn't as good as australia's, and it's more dangerous over there in terms of people and the weather is more "threatening". like they're having one of their coldest winters atm. even if you like the cold like me, it's dangerous to walk/drive on the streets since ice forms over everything=slipping everywhere, and undrivable conditions. then there's the snow, when it melts, water everywhere.

also, america makes a super hard test for australian optometrists to ensure they fail/can't practice there, and same with aus-we make 90%+ chance test for americans to fail if they want to work here. my old optometrist sold his practice and is moving up the coast...but then that's still in aus...

hk skyline is also quite lovely-super tall buildings, river and a backdrop of mountains. it's just too polluted for my liking.

would love to visit places like canary islands, southern france etc, those places with picturesque beaches and mini cute buildings, and infinity pools overlooking gorgeous landscapes! personally, i think europe is more like that-cute but filled with history, and shorter buildings. then there's dubai-tallest buildings in the world and perfect beaches and beautiful architecture.

ahh, i really love american skylines (:

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