Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Express Mousse

so i've been back blogging today. feeling so lazy....actually i'm just busy reading. so far i've managed to read a book in 1.5 days as well as hanging out with grandparents/ cleaning the house etc. finished Inferno today. another good book (: where enemies become friends, and friends becomes enemies, and then more twists and then everyone becomes friends (: ok, it's more complicated than that, but i do recommend it. read it in large print since the normal copy wasn't available. wow, at first i had to read it like a metre away since it was too large, but then i got used to it lol. i like how it doesn't have any plot holes i.e. welt written, unlike the mortal instruments where back in yr 9/10 i thought they were good, but it felt like nothing happened in book 4, and book 4 and 5 were filled with plot holes =/

isn't new york weather so amazing? five different weathers in one week. i wonder what -11 degrees feels like....

Express mousse from the Whole Pantry App
banana, avocado, cacao powder, cinnamon, dash of honey and water. feels so healthy (:

so glad i downloaded this app when it was free! it's so amazing (: so basically this woman had/has brain cancer, so she wanted to make super healthy foods for herself and her son. it really is inspiring! and ofc, i knew of her though instagram (: heaps of other stuff i want to attempt. yay free update this month! she had a holiday $2 package, but i just wanted the flour less black forest cake recipe...so i didn't get it.

went to buy super foods today. waited two weeks for this day since this place had 20% off today only. cacao powder is expensive-at least it's healthy and guilt free! (: it tastes like dark chocolate-not sweet at all. i also have two boxes of cocoa powder at home-one branded and one non branded. but i feel like i need to conquer to healthy recipes before baking other butter filled treats. the other day i made cinnamon scrolls, but they turned out to be ugly (and not worthy of photos apart from snapchat). maybe it's because i used expired flour, cream and baking powder lol. but they tasted fine and the texture was there. it was just hard to roll them from inexperience, and they didn't expand like they should've...oh, my grandfather also randomly bought a block of willy wonka chocolate tale. now that just tasted like sugar =/

the apple's 12 days of gifts wasn't too bad. managed to get about $20 worth of stuff. 

i love how sherlock as upgraded to an iPhone 5 in season 3 from an iPhone 4/4s in seasons 1/2 (: sherlock is so good. another recommendation.

i don't understand how people can be bored in 3 months. even though i'm not going overseas these holidays, there are just so much stuff to do! haven't even touched my "movie" list yet.

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  1. lol, that New York weather is just super cold weather.
    Haha, I don't get how you're not bored. But it's good that there's a lot of stuff you want to get done.