Friday, January 17, 2014

KFD 2014: Sky

this week i could've made $1k or helped out at church for a kids program like i did for the last 3 years. i chose the latter. do i regret it? kind of, but then i think that you can make money all your life, but helping in kids ministry and helping kids learn about Christ is way more important.

helped out as a crew leader or "pilot" since this year the theme is sky. there's heaps less people helping out this group was manageable, other groups had really disruptive kids. we had 3 leaders with around 7 kids. my team name was hot air balloons or HAB. we were light blue, which is a nice colour (: the purple was too dark for my liking... good thing helping out is that there is full blast zircon (: better than wasting home's electricity hehe. i remember last year, there was a record "hottest day for sydney" and it didn't feel that hot since i was in air con all day (:

entrance into main hall

main hall decoration

i didn't get a chance to take a photo of the pre-schoolers "treehouse". twas very cute and green.

food banquet today!

there was so much variety of food this year. there were more tables on the edges as well. last year it felt like there wasn't enough/not enough variety. food was so good! someone handmade macarons, and they weren't bad (: so much delicious sandwiches, fried rice, noodles. fish balls, 3 types of salads, deep fried pork cutlets, and other asian stuff. 

however, lunch this week was more simple. previous years you could choose options for lunch, this year most things were catered, and couldn't choose flavours etc, but the sushi was from a store and did you know i have been craving sushi for about 2 months now, so craving satisfied!

even the cupcakes are themed!

friday-last day of the program=dress up. fairy is my go-to costume for everything. 

a kids in my group as a bumblebee!

hot air balloon (: 

really cool hand made plane (: i think i was too big too fit inside it...

hand made cake pops! they are amazing. you probably can't see, but they have so much detail! like ladybirds, rockets, helicopters, bess, random animals and bugs.

i got a random bug, but they tasted quite nice (:

so, so dead looking after kids for 6 hour five days straight. 

the songs they sing are so catchy, and so are the Bible points each day. i hope the kids remember that everything is possible with God, and no matter who you are/how you feel/what people do/what happens/where you God!

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  1. The decorations look really awesome! I hope you had fun and learnt stuff there.