Monday, January 20, 2014

Tennis 2014

finally got to see federer play on tv in an evening match! so graceful as always <3

personally, i think this year scheduling is the worst, it's times like these i wish i had cable. last time fed played in the evening, he was kicked out of RLA and into Hisense, since it was nadal vs an aussie rookie. it was such a boring match since nadal smashed the guy. i can't believe they managed to drag on the whole week and show aussies playing during prime time. like when fed was playing, they only showed the match point. whatever aussie was playing on RLA was having a break, they showed the other rookie aussie practicing or some random aussie double instead of federer at hisense. seriously! at least show some of federer during the breaks rather than replay the aussies moves. like last night when eugenie from canada vs dellacqua, someone held a sign for eugenie saying "From court 15 and now we're here". so true. if you verse an aussie, it's an express ticket to rod laver.

i was so satisfied with tonights match. actually, not really, since somehow they had really bad timing with the ads, and on a few times play had already resumed before the ads finished. this never happened when an aussie played.

my friend went to see Roger Federer and Friends charity match just over a week ago. it looked so fun (: heaps of funny moves from both fed and tsonga. such a different atmosphere tonight, you can definitely tell through the tv.

i think i saw more women matches than mens during 1st week prime time. maybe it was partly due to hot weather, and delays, then unpredictable thunderstorms and rain which pushed matches back, but seriously, it meant i could hardly see fed. and also hardly any hole. every 2nd night it's nasal-it's like they're trying to make up for the lost time when he didn't appear last year. it's quite boring just watching him.

so glad i went open last year and not this year, would not have been able to survive 40+ degrees on consecutive days. then again, i went to melb in the second week only for a few days, and now the 2nd week is heaps cooler.

homemade boost berry crush

1 banana, 1 cup berries, 1 cup ice, 1/2 cup apple juice. it tastes like the boost one, just not as sweet. probably because i didn't use much juice and their juice is more concentrated. this is a super easy recipe. the hardest thing is getting the ice out of the ice tray. it takes forever. that's why i try to avoid making smoothies with ice in it as it's too troublesome, and opt for frozen bananas/berries mixed with other stuff if i want a cold drink with a thicker texture.

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