Tuesday, January 28, 2014

my great uncle called late last night, like 1am. apparently he asked if i wanted to go HK and have chinese new year dinner with him.

if i asked nicely, i'm pretty sure he would send money over straight away and i could get on the next flight to HK, or i could go to HK with my grandparents later this week and help them with carrying luggage. they sell aussie mangoes for $10aud each! that's some crazy inflation and plane/boat trip for them mangoes. i could definitely help load our luggage with mangoes so they can distribute to relos and fam.

i do want to go HK, but i still have so much to do before uni starts. like dinners, parties, making stuff (won't have time for macarons now =/), road trip, catching up on movies, planning etc. and i know my parents won't give me spending money....unlike last time my great uncle gave me more than enough spending money for a months stay...don't have a lot of stuff i want to buy atm, like i don't need anything desperate. most of it came with my grandparents earlier this month (: i'll definitely rather save up money than spend it on stuff in hk that i don't really need. and how do you even tell your manager the day before that you'll going be going overseas?

cheat cake. haven't made packet mix in a while.

this one is actually quite nice. didn't bother adding icing since it'd be sweet overload. first time using butter in baking this year. totally goes against my whole "trying to be healthy" thing, but i was kinda craving some chocolate cake. surprisingly, the healthy mousse i made a few weeks ago is actually heaps more decadent (luckily i use the healthy cacao not cocoa). i still have cocoa for my unhealthy baking. this cake reminds me that i actually haven't proper swimming in ages, nor have i bothered to go out for a jog with those nikes i bought earlier in hk last year and still have yet to wear...

wow, our rice milk finished in a day-couldn't even get a sip out of that carton ):

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