Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oliver Brown Take 2

since my grandparents like chocolate, i decided to take them to OB and experience an "aussie lifestyle" full of diabetes and fat since it's not everyday you eat and drink chocolate. and staff at the shops get a 15% discount so win-win (: saved a few bucks-better than nothing.

belgium waffles for two

they were alright. not the best waffles, but maybe because we left it for too long since i wanted to take a photo of all the food at once...

iced white chocolate mocha

the other day i asked the optom what's her regular drink at OB since she gets one every morning. it was a soy white chocolate mocha. interesting, so i decided to give the iced white choc mocha a go. white chocolates not even real chocolate, but this one was quite nice since it was only had a hint of sweetness, and wasn't bitter. i like how they serve there ice drinks without chunks of ice. 

 milk hot chocolate, mint dark hot chocolate, churros for one

had a bit of the mint hot choc. it's nice, i was worried that the mint would be too overpowering since i don't like really mint (i used to hate minties, but nowadays i still try to avoid them but they're edible). the mint has a nice subtle touch. 

the baked churros took forever to come out, and we were the only ones there. i guess it was nice and fresh. i like them since they're not as chewy as san churros, and slightly fluffier, and since they're not deep fried they're a tad healthier as well. so glad we only got one serving, since we were so full! none of us had lunch and we were full from all that sweetness. i got milk choc to dip since i was worried my grandma would think dark would be too bitter, but even she said milk choc was sweet and that's saying something since she loves chocolate. i only had veggies and fruit for dinner. i am not a chocolate person. so glad i had the mocha to cut back on the sweetness. oh, they also have lemon water there, so that acidity was good after all that chocolate. even though i get a discount form OB, i don't think i'll be going there for a while. 

my brother's school sets out the weirdest timetables-it reminds me of uni =/ he has 3 morning classes, and getting to his school has 10 times the amount of traffic compared to going to baulko, yet they are about the same distance from my house. and he's still nowhere close to getting his P's unlike when i got mine in yr11. like seriously, at least wake up early if you need to still get driven to school. then some other guys have a 7.30-5pm day. i don't feel like they're "free periods" if you have morning and arvo classes. and they have a new principal. surprisingly last year their school came in top 20. it'll be interesting to see how my bro's year does this year.

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  1. I laughed at how you called it the 'Aussie lifestyle full of diabetes and fat' XD