Sunday, January 26, 2014

i've said this before but will say it again, weirdest aus open ever. so glad i didn't go this year. the unexpected happening combined with the constant unexpected weather in melb...during a match, it suddenly thunder stormed, and the players had to sit out for over 2 hours. and did you know, this person in the first round started to play for 10mins, and then retired. what a waste of $30 000 entrance fee! these past two weeks, i think i got my grandfather interested in tennis, like he gets when a good shot has been made.

women's finals imo wasn't that exciting...i think Bouchard from canada might be the next sharapova. only 19 and made it into the semis and was seeded 30. and i think she's quite trendy, an outfit with a cutout at the back.

and with the men's matches, the only "thriller" this year was stan's quarters. i remember when i was younger, finals would go past midnight, some years i couldn't stay up so late because school the next day. the finals wasn't a really fun match to watch with long intense rallies. why couldn't nadal have back injuries when he was against federer? then we could have a super intense all-swiss final! since they play doubles, and are friends and know each others tactics, it would have been cool to watch. i think the crowd was lost since there wasn't any fed, hole or murray in the finals, so they cheered for the underdog =/ you could tell just by looking that there weren't as many hyped up people, compared to the usual cheer squads for fed and djokovic. i don't like nadal. during his semis, i swear the camera focused on his drink bottles longer than necessary, and emphasising his OCD of needing the drink bottle labels facing the side he's playing on. and his touching the face ritual, it's quite annoying. i'm happy that wawrinka won, apart from the fact that he pushed down fed and broke his streak of being the no. 1 swiss. why are european countries so good at tennis? i wonder how long, if ever, would i see an aussie person in the top 10. but if there was, that person would be so full of himself, probably even more than tomic...

so many Australia Day activities everywhere compared to previous years.

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