Friday, January 3, 2014

Yum Cha and Pancakes

busy day today.

finally went to carlo court yum cha. haven't been since they changed the name/owners. also didn't notice a bread top there. apparently last time my parents went, it was pretty nice, but they went on a weekend.

going on a weekday was such a disappointment. even though there was free tea and 20% off, there was hardly any variety. haven't had such a let down before in yum cha. last time i was disappointed was my first time going to a michelin star yum cha place in hk featured in masterchef where all their bbq pork buns ran out (not a big fan of them, but these were hand made). then i went again 2 years later to have them, and i was satisfied (: ). today it had almost nothing of the usual i get at yum cha. oh wells, not coming here again on a weekday. and i thought carlo court is supposed to be better than village-well it used to be...

city for friend's birthday. can't play pool =/ 

also trekked to Pancakes on the Rocks at The Rocks. lighting was super bad...can't see the rest of the table...only my spot had a spotlight, the others were dim lighting. was mind blown by riddles throughout the night.

ended up having 5 pizzas and pancakes and wedges (which i couldn't reach =/). the lemon on is surprisingly food.

and finally went k after a year of not going, but didn't sang much...too tired. sometimes it's quite nice to meet different people who i probs won't see again.

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