Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rhodes Phoenix and Bloo Moo

i don't like rhodes carpark. i was looking at the parking ticket and it stated that each car can only have 3 hours free parking per day, and sure enough, printed on the ticket is your car's number plate. some new technology thing where you can't go out and repark. that's why i love towers-free parking, no boom gates, unlimited time.

i've been rhodes phoenix a few times for dinner, but first time for yum cha. we went at around 1.30ish, so pretty late but still had to wait for a table, and if you've been there, the restaurant is pretty big. only problem was that most of the good stuff was "sold out". i think it's more that they want to save it for tomorrow since public holiday surcharge, so a lot of the stuff was deep fried =/ and i'm still not fully recovered and had to avoid heaps of stuff...rhodes phoenix is more expensive than parra, and parra is already expensive compared to normal places since they target non-asians business.

personally, i don't think ikea wows me anymore. i used to love that place and how they had the kids thing downstairs, but now it's furniture etc are just average imo. 

thanks nancy for overloading this! $5.80, normal around $10. original, chocolate, mango and coconut. twas quite jam packed with froyo (:

first time having bolo's ok, definitely not as sweet as the others. the flavours of the mango and coconut were really subtle. i liked how the original was a bit sour like real yogurt. chocolate was very chocolatey. but couldn't really enjoy it because of parking limit. made it out of the carpark with just 5mins left.

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