Wednesday, January 22, 2014

yayay! federer won! was so nervous throughout the match. it feels like fed vs nadal on friday is like the finals, since berdych and wawrinka were really unexpected. really hate murray, arrogant as ever. i still see him as a mumma's boy.

wow, last night's match. i thought it would be max 4 sets...well i thought wrong. it was such good tennis! both players played well, but i guess it came down to the unforced errors...

was reading some articles, and apparently the commentators kept picking on nadal's habits. i actually didn't realise the commentators saying those things, but i do notice nasal's OCD just like the article. how he touches his nose and ears before every single point-it's so annoying! how and he has to take off he shirts for a longer than necessary time.

i swear i always get sick in summer. i think i felt the effects after a week of taking care of kids last week on saturday, but i was fine to go to work. tonight i have definitely hit "peak". missing out on daily yum chas, but then again, it's one less mouth to feed, and i can help my parents save moneys, and I'm not dying to go either. it's just these cafes and places i was supposed to take my grandparents to, but now i can't. but i don't really care much about going to cafes atm, need to save money. right now i am really into making all those super healthy raw foods (: i don't even have time to get 2 free grill'd burgers or go out to Sydney festival or continue my list of things to make. now that i'm sick. there's still a month of holidays, but i know i won't have time to try and make macarons from scratch =/

ahh, so much random stuff to do, but ceebs...

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  1. Get well soon :) Traditional Asians think that cooked things are easier on the body and for healing but maybe raw things have more antioxidants too, so both are good!