Wednesday, February 8, 2012

yay- Wednesday!

i'm becoming a lazy driver....when i see low flat roundabouts, i just go over them without going around them..but everyone does that so i'm just following everyone else (: and i coast more now to save petrol (: it has actually worked. and indicate less thus saving battery power thus saving petrol (i don't indicate when there are no cars around) and not turn on headlights when it's actually dark (i turn them on when it's raining-i'm still a safe driver (: ) i just felt luck ranting about driving. don't follow my habits or you will fail! fyi: don't indicate two times=automatically fail. something i learnt from driving instructor over a year ago.

THERE ARE SO MANY POTHOLES! due to the continuous amounts of rain. driving has become a game of dodging potholes. to all to be/ L-platers: don't dodge them, if you do, it means you'll fail your exam cause you can't drive straight..haha...i just don't want my car to be damaged/ go through the pot hole feeling =/

i can't wait for jerseyyyyyyyyyyyys. (mentally picturing what jersey looks like...)


i think i will love wednesdays. short periods of every subject and half day of school leaving school at 12:05 got me all pumpppppppppped. i was soo happy at home. i think i'll actually start to finish of tutoring hw in time...

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