Sunday, February 12, 2012

Children Ministry Worker Farewell :')

i can't believe it's been 6 years since she came into our church. i left for youth church the year she came, when i was yr6, because back then, there weren't many i have never had a proper Sunday school lesson with her (Kate).

but she has still done soooo much for me and for the church even though we weren't fully close! like the Kids fun days were soo well thought out and planned. i miss Highs Seas Expedition and Pandamania :') there was a song, and then a person in a panda costume came up...haha...the song was good. hopefully someone videoed it so i can re-watch it (: and one of my favourite things was the high tea for mother's day a few years ago, where the youths were also involved (: and also dinners for father's day, and various arts and crafts for all mums and dads and spiritual mums and dads as well (: so sweet of her and the kids (: i will really miss her enthusiasm in EVERYTHING SHE DOES!

also the year i helped out in Children Ministry, we all got very pretty flowers! i think they were irises...still have pics of them.

we had a farewell dinner today for her. there was soooooooooo much food and desserts, and it was soooo crowded. i don't think it has been this crowded for church night dinners in sooooooo long. everything was sooo delicious! the dessert left over was "supper" haha...

and then sharing time. finally heard her play the flute! it was sooo BEAUtiful, so were the other musical items. like the music parodies, and also about how she was "moving further down than hell" aka melbourne hahaha....i don't get the joke about how she's the "egg" while the children were "bananas"...and everyone who shared mentioned about her laugh. it's soo true, when she laughs, you can't even see her face...haha (ok not literally, but you get the idea...) it was soo worth staying for dinner and sharing which lasted more than 3, these things don't happen often, it's sad to say goodbye, but as everyone has said tonight, we're all still living under the house of God (: it was a really good night to go to (:

we've chucked heapss of furniture out. like 2 desks, one wardrobe and one hugeeee tv cabinet thing. i liked that colour....and since we've made the front patch of concrete nice, next door must be thinking we're gonna move. they've been trying to sell their house for over 2 years. my mums says we should just sell it for the competition..haha...not....the house 2 up the hill is 90% going to sell. they rennovated their kitchen (finally figured out what they were renovating since i saw an old stove being chucked out) then the house after that has been one the market for over 5 months now...i still haven't had time to check it out during their open days...

the weather is like monsoonal tropical weather/melbourne weather. one second raining, next second sunny, next second thundering lightning, next second sunny etcetc

i can't swim when it rains! i know because there was a year or two when it was raining, and my times were slower. i should stop caring about my times, even though i only compare it to myself/verse myself. i should just enjoy tomorrow (:

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