Thursday, February 9, 2012


yayay. i'm really happy today (:

went for a swim before dinner. twas refreshing (: and swimming on weekdays means i can kind of follow what the squads do. free training (: the only difference between training and swimming myself is that you have to swim fast/actually use muscle in training. now, it's more like de-stressing than trying to keep the times i used to have. (and also hopefully prevent me from hsc-weight gain...)

After countless stores and a very generous friend, thanks sooooo much Happy Apple!, I finally have inkjoys!!! (((: The ads don't lie, they ARE smoooth. Now maybe I can fit those extra few hundred words for English....
the more expensive the better. even my parents tested them out and said they were good (: yay for exam pens! now i'm kind of pumped to write my next essay...haha... i feel sorry for my mum going around places. and every time i went to a store, they had no stock. so after over 2 weeks of searching i finally have them-yayayay. i think their ads got to there a term where ads actually work on consumers-commerce people?

and the thing i bought on monday came in the mail today! i love it when it comes sooo quick with free postage. it works, and doesn't seem dodgy at the moment. yay for cheap/working fm-transmitter.

i think now that i drive everywhere, my mum has more time to cook nicer food (:
and the other day when i was at woolies, i said i hadn't had their boxed up salads in sooo long. my mum remembered what i said and bought some today! (since it was almost going to expire and was half price)

and free morning tea since i'm an "old newbie" and mingled with the newbies (: there was more food last year...i think...everyone said really baulko was different to their old school. i concur.

so i'm happpppppppy today! yayayayayayay.

that won't last next morning where our ext 2 work will be brutalised/traumatised/shamed/bullied/torn get the idea. she's harsh enough in adv, but 10x worse in ext 2....

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