Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Middle of the Week Outing

yayay i love seeing people and going to houses, especially big houses!

apparently i told my mum i would get home by 10, except i got home at 10.50pm, she wasn't that pleased...woops...

shirley, your house is so coool, i went on an electric chair!!!!!!!!!! and 3 ovens, we can having baking parties after HSC (if you ever get into baking...) and more toilets than people...haha....really love the openness of the kitchen to the outdoor kitchen.

and i had meet fresh! first time having it, twas nice, but didn't finish it ):

and driving home at night, i saw a BMW get caught by a holden hidden police car. it was like 10.30 in suburban streets on a Wednesday night, the message? don't speed, even at night

and was the house really hard to find? first time going there and it was perfectly fine....

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