Sunday, February 5, 2012

i can't wait for tomorrow. i don't know why. and i can't wait for jerseys to come, which means i should wear my blazer more.

i like this photo:

it's actually a macbook pro and phone in front of on iMac (which isn't mine....i'm not rich k.)

i remembered what i was going to say!!!! i found out yesterday, that when the brightness is set low on the laptop, and you turn on a light next to it, the laptop automatically reacts and becomes brighter to suit your need!!!!
ok that was kind of hard to explain....

such an unproductive day of googling unproductive stuff...

dancing or tutoring?

someone reallly should write worked solutions for maths. seriously.

slept at 1.30am past 2 nights and woke up past 10. not good not good not good not good not good.

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