Saturday, February 18, 2012


why are people so unhonest these days? like back in the early days, when someone hit our car, they actually left a note for us to call them back. i wish these type of times didn't change.

lucky my dad can fix dents in cars, it wasn't a massive one, but you can still see a bit even though it's fixed to the best it can be. and luckily my car is white, since white cars are easier to fix with paint than metallic painted cars like my mum which is a metallic dark grey...also, luckily my car is old so i don't feel much of the "pain" if i had a new car and it was hit

we figured who hit it last night. neighbours friend with their big ass 4wd who did a u-turn and obviously hit my parked car and drove off. the bumper which dented the side of the car is higher up which means it's a 4wd, and has a black bumper. those sri-lankens....(no i don't hate you my lanken friends, i just hate those people, well that family, who did't admit to hitting other people's cars, and it's like how my whole family hates that asian couple behind our house with their dog who barks 24/7 NO JOKES). go install some freaking parking sensors or get your eyes checked! our cul-de-sac is pretty wide so i can't possibly believe how a full licensed person can not do a u-turn in such a wide street...

now i'm going to park inside my driveway. it's just annoying to get in and out of the driveway, and i park on the grassy section of our driveway which get really muddy when dad suggested to park my mum's car out on the streets one time, luckily she didn't listen to that...out of the two years we park the old car on the street, it just had to be the neighbours unhonest friend who hits it.

hit and run cases are the hardest to get insurance for

hate rant over.

you know cirque du soleil, it looks sooo good. i wanted to see it last year, and now they coming on another tour this sept. before HSC...DID YOU KNOW, EACH COSTUME COSTS $10 000. and each person has like ten costumes. it takes 80 hours to hand make. so i finally know where all the money goes... except insects, it will be weird....differently weird....

and i have over 100 sheets compiled in fat booklets for much irrelevant info, what a waste of paper...

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