Saturday, February 11, 2012

a different saturday

woke up at 9.30am =/

physics then maths till 11.15.

change and drove to tutoring. saw a demolition take place! soooo much traffic, but it was really cool seeing the bridge being broken in half at Epping. i have no idea why they even built the bridge for. occasionally my dad sees a bus on on it, but other than that, it was a waste of money even to build it, now destroy it.

phys from 12-4. one on one's are sometimes a tad awkward.
near the lifts, walked past someone from the year below from my old school, and somehow we recognised each other.

talked to a guy for about 5 seconds in the lift who used to go to my church.

returned library books which i kept on renewing. penno lets you borrow books for a month, so i renewed it and i basically had those books for around 2months =/

4.30. got home, eat, change.

until 6, swimming! i saw a person from church who apparently now goes to my school. haven't seen her around =/ where do all the year 7's hang? since there weren't that many people, i had room to dive (((: i love that initial feeling.

6-6.30. shower, wash things up.
eat for 5mins.

maths till 7.30.. then dinner. there were quite a lot of movies couldn't decide which one to watch....

then more maths till now. (why am i so slow in maths?)

thus, i have not done english all day, and the most important subject is English.

this week has been a really good week. Tues: phys prac which actually worked, Wed: leave school early Thurs: INKJOYS! and swimming Fri: soul purpose and ice-blocks in fridge! i love middle of the day surprises and happy things (:

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