Monday, February 6, 2012

i know why i was so excited about today. but now not ):

my mum went to go officeworks to buy some inkjoys, but they were all sold out ))))))))))))): i've been everywhhhhhhhhherrreee.
somehow, people were like "i got them from coles/kmart" and i have been there, but when i go, they don't sell it ): not even at the newsagency or on ebay. ):
but thanks joanna (who i don't think reads this) for suggesting something cheaper than buying portable speakers for my car (: my car is too old and doesn't have bluetooth ): my dad wanted me to guy an in car system thing with gps/dvd/game/bluetooth/cd etc, the lot, like our big car, except as if i'll ever watch a movie while driving to school...? and my car is old, so i think it's pointless spending money on that type of stuff, so i forced him NOT to buy it.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT I REALLY NEED!!!???? i need someone to document my life. well, a personal photographer. like swimming carnival, i want someone to help take photos cause i will be all wet ):

on holidays my mum wait no my dad is my personal photographer (: (i have a touch camera and my mum still doesn't know how to use it after like 3 years..., i mean it's TOUCH it's self-explanotry, you just touch it and it will appear, but i can't really blame her since she still can't use her touch phone == after like a month....)

this is such a small world!!! same person, same maths tutor (well ex-tutor for me), he is the same one hour before me, same day we get tutored, same school, now same english tutor. go figure.

the prefect video was soooooooooo good. better than last years ( not that i remembered much...)

how do people fit in time to study if they sleep early?

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