Monday, February 27, 2012

my uncle is soooo lucky! he got 8 tickets to see Lady Gaga!!!!!!!!

hong kong is soooo crazy. since China doesn't have any shows, everyone is going to hk, so there are people who lined up 48 hours in advance to get tix.
there are some people called "professional line-upers" who get pack $80hk (10 aussie dollars) to line up. so in 48hours, you make 480$ just by standing and waiting. there are other people who threaten people with lives so they can stand in front of them. so there had to be police watching people by tickets. people auctioned tickets for $10 000hk, which is over a thousand aus dollars, soooo expensive. not worth it.

apparently now, they split the tickets all over hong kong, so only the first like 6 people at each "outlet" can buy max 8 tics. and they don't advertise where the places are, so people all over hk are trying to find them...kind of like a treasure hunt..haha...

they made an extra show, so somehow my uncle got tix. too bad i don't live there ): my uncle and his friend was like, if they don't get hk tickets, they would even come to australia to watch-some dedicated fans...

soooooo lucky.... i shall go to a concert, after HSC/when i have an income.

why did they take away our old id cards ):

quite glad i handed my essay over the weekend, so she has no one good to compare my crap essay to. i have been re-doing my essay since 3.40 now. it's taking me foreverrrrr. i really do ramble ): and not answer the question ): have not done maths tonight. nooooooooooooooo.

and i think i finally get ophelia's post a while ago about being stuck in traffic for 1.5hrs. i was driving the other way, and there was a traffic jam from pennant hills, then beecroft, then cheltenham then epping. NOT A SINGLE CAR MOVED IN THE TWO LANES. i felt sorry for them. it was at least 8km worth of road. coming back there was traffic, like 20mins, but not as bad as that looooong line of cars...

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