Friday, February 3, 2012


how sad, last time ever having school photos. i decided i buy everything since it would be the last photos i would get form school...almost 60 bucks.

I GOT TO STAND UP TODAY IN THE 2 GRADE PHOTOS. my first and last time. whole grade photo i stood on the silver things, split grade photo i was standing on the ground (on the edge... ): ) last time i will ever stand. i think in like 10 years time, i'll miss grade photos. i'm actually not that short. taller in baulko than girra. i'm just under middle height (:

they took foreverrr....cutting into English...which is much needed cause i don't even know what we're doing with this module.

THEY SHOULD HAVE GIVEN US MORE TIME FOR MUCK UP! twas super rushed...didn't even see everyone's stuff...i think i was blocked in the muck up photo ):i wanted to take more photos...
people's costumes were soooo good! i think my favourite was the guys who swapped shirts for pants and had a fake head clipped to their shirts which they used for pants. cheap, easy, non-time consuming. other good ones i think were people who were "jacked in the box" it was so smart. the lego ones looked really good. and the pool ones! such a waste to cut up a pool, but that's funny. and the aboriginal ones....haha they looked legit since they were al curry and used sunscreen as paint....the tetris block were massiveee...

i went as a barbie fairy (: everything i had/wore was from primary (: i just really wanted to use my fairy wings (: i'm kind of glad i didn't spend money/ effort into the costume since there wasn't enough time for people to look at other people's costumes and it was rainy. so if i made card board cut outs, they would have been ruined...

if i had a million hours to work on it, i would totally go as something from disney!!!!! the disney princesses looked so pretty (:

MINI DILEMMA: quit dancing for tutoring or don't do tutoring and keep dancing :S help!!!!!!!!!!
i think people's opinions are important. 

my adv/ext 1 and esp ext2 is going to get thrasheed by my teachers. like no joke. i know the outcome 
when i don't edit stuff

i got up at 6.30 today!!! earliest time i have got up and not fallen back asleep this year!!!!


  1. Dancing => Enjoyable

    Tutoring => Can be made enjoyable, but harder.

    Arguably, they're both required, though tutoring is more short term, and dancing is longer term, because who knows. You might want to dance later in life.


    Life skill over career.

    What's more important to you? =X

    And tbh, tutoring is easier to find than dancing; you could always ask students and stuff to teach?

    Family friends?

    I guess I'm just lucky that I have engineers for friends =D

  2. I think you should consider for which subject/s the tutoring is for and how much it would help you to get tutored

    like, for some people and specific subjects tutoring is a waste of time and for other people it helps a lot.

    but if you think dancing is fun, do not quit! Fun things that serve as exercise as well are hard to find.