Tuesday, February 7, 2012

just re-watched prefect vid because it was sooo cool (:

having doubts about jersey names. should i do mon Elisa or mon ELISA or just Elisa for the front? hmmmmmmmmm. must decide before tomorrow...

and my mum bought some inkjoys today!!!!!!!!! they ARE smooth and start up straight away. don't have any hw that involves pens, so i was just scribbling around for fun (: i just don't like how they are triangular. all the nicer ones were sold out ))):

oh, and i chose tutoring over dancing, cos i can do dance again next year, but you can't do tutoring again next year...

AND ANOTHER NEW PERSON IN THE YEAR!!! AND HER BIRTHDAY IS TODAY AND SHE IS ONLY 15!!!! you only have less than 3 terms of school, like 2.5 cos .5 of a term in total is all exams. why change now? and i never knew they still accepted people when it's term 2, like they still have a reserve list? i wouldn't go change schools halfway through the year. and threeeeeeeee years (well 2.5 years) younger than me! i mean you have to be a genious to skip 2/3 years of school. and to be able to go into yr 12 when you're only 15. and she looked korean.

AND I AM OFFICIALLY STUCK WITH EXT 2. i have like general "four sections" they are:
- some people are aware of animals' feelings
- inequality of animals' living habitat/lives
- reliance on animals for therapy/human-animal interaction partnership


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  1. Oh wow, good Asian skills. She is Korean.

    And when you wrote "like 2.5 cos .5" I thought it was some trigonometry, haha.