Wednesday, February 22, 2012

arghhh, why must English be so hard? (and every other subject...)

it's so easy to ramble here. 100 words in like five minutes.
essay rate: 100 words per 2 hours. ):

i have so much notes on context, but more than half is literally random crap. too much useless, misleading information.

i guess i could say belonging was a much easier (well at least the it took less time to write compared to now) it's soooo hard. like my stupid texts, one is a rambling essay which goes on for a 112 pages, with one paragraph being 10 pages. the other a play which is funny/wrong except it's sooo hard to decipher unless the teacher tells you to. and we've only done like 10 pages of the play and first 2 chapters of the essay and the essay is due fri/sat.sun.
stupid texts that no one knows...

arghhhh. soooo hard

and she already hinted how bad my ext2 was...woops... try and avoid more conversation with her about it until fri morning when everyone gets slashed together in class

i don't know what to write! how to link stuff and make sure it makes sense!? and stupid useless presentations she makes us do in class instead of going through how to write the essay and go through the books. and then she tells us to not always use the first part of the books to write on, except we've only done the first parts.

this is mind-screwing.

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