Saturday, February 4, 2012

using internet at someone's house (:

why are my days so non-productive. i'm scarred.

still haven't decided to keep dancing or do tutoring which i have "lined up" for and the available time doesn't match my times...i'm really scared of HSC fat gain cause then i won't be able to fit into my formal dress and also i won't have any exercise, not even walking...i guess i could go swimming....but swimming is really time consuming since i have to wash stuff afterwards....and i've become lazy over the past few months... it's like how i'm too lazy to read question for section one and guess. i only read questions which are max 3 sentences. at least i get them right (:

soooo much fooooood for dinner. makes me fat ): but i love oyster and salmon which is fresh from fish market!

woke up late but still tired ):

ahhh english. i don't want to send it in. i ALREADY know what bad things she's going to say. like, i am my own critic. i can write a list of bad things i know i did and she will defs complete that list.


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