Saturday, August 27, 2011

USyd Open Day

it's sooo pretty (((: well i have been before, but inside the buildings make it soo much more like Harry Potter. like all the ancient sandstone buildings and towers. then there are random staircases which apparently leads to a locked gate and more stairs. they have a "great hall" like hp, stained glass window, quadrangle like hp, nice grass, nice oldish kind of castle-ish carpet, arches.
i would love to go usyd just for the prettiness (:

the open day i guess was alright. i'm a tad disappointed that there wasn't many free stuff, maybe i set my standards too high =/ but next year, i now know to do a quick dash to the Business stand to get one of their epically cool wristband usbs. but i still got a cool epic highlighter (:
a lot of walking today. i'm surprised how connie managed to survive in wedges since we walked back and forth throughout campus.
i guess it was good going today since all the stuff i missed out on i could go next year.
the law building is soo nice and the inside is just as good. there are soo many high tech stuff and the chairs are so comfy (((:

food was sooo expensive so we went ewood. it wasn't as great as i thought it would be so i didn't give any tips. it's bad to only have one dish out while other people wait for there's. i sometimes find it quite idk, kinda dodgy asian people running cafes. except i have been to places where they are good (:
the cabonara wasn't creamy ):

i have done no work today D= and i have an essay/short story/ speaking stuff which urgently needs attention. and then i have a make-up tutoring lesson tomorrow then people's baptisms which will probs make things go an hour overtime and then dinner possibly at church which means i can't do any work from 12.30-9pm tomorrow. all my study/work time gone ): i should have calculated all this yday to make me more motivated to work today. soo screwed ): and i haven't even started studying for maths. i shouldn't have gone to Pottermore. i hate brewing potions and doing spells. it's just as hard as it looks in the movies.

some people are so nice (:


  1. Hope you had fun at USYD!

    Kinda wish I was there.

    Ah well, consolation prize is that I did work all day.

    Also, I thought you said you didn't want to do Pottermore? Haha.

  2. -why aren't i in pottermore angst-

  3. You should have come to Computer Science and Technology, they had rainbow light-up google signs and android plushies

  4. whattttt. :O

    ok, i'll go there next year (: