Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Post-HSC Chem Trial

i can kind of say post-hsc =D
i have so much stuff bubbled inside of me to say, except i don't have the time to type it all out.
some questions in chem were superrrr easy, like even my brother can do. we got to plot a graph which already had the scale and everything on the axis (:
but then some were tricky, and there were some i actually didn't know so i had to fully bs ): some questions were exactly the same as tutoring/past paper questions. i should have done more mc. the 40 questions i did, about 5 of them came from past papers.
except i forgot the answer to one of them and i did that question before ):

i don't want my result back.
and they hired HSC supervisors and they were quite useless since everyone talked straight after the test and the papers weren't even collected.

i am certainly enjoying spending my night without touching any work (:
it feels good.
except i have already made a list of things to do after trial:
-clean house/desk
-file away all my sheets/notes
-do physics hw
-do jap hw
-study for jap
-write up unwritten chem pracs
-catch up on 2 more maths exercises
-somehow copy physics notes from someone...
-try and attempt some NQE
-do tutoring hw
-somehow start on the 32741637934817263 english tasks
-learn to park properly before the 19th
-buy more stuff before sat
-arrange stuff for sat and think of more ideas....

so much stuff :'(

it doesn't feel like i'm turning 17.

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