Sunday, August 21, 2011

my weekend:
sat: woke up at 11am due to chem depression, left at 12.30pm and back at home at 11.30pm
total hours of work: 1.25
sun: woke up at 10am, practiced parking for 1.75 hours, left home at 1.15pm for short term mission trip meeting, then church and back at home at 7pm
watched an hour tv
total hours of work: 2
and fri: 0 hours of work done.
so this was a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry unproductive weekend.

at 3pm today, we shared about encouraging things we saw/challenging things. o love sharing times (: and then somenoe bought a tub of.....jelly bellys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we got to have them after we shared what we wanted. i haven't had them in AGESSSSS yum (((((: i miss the butter popcorn/tutti fruti/ toasted marshmellow flavours. i accidently picked up 2 brown ones which was peanut butter but i wanted chocolate podding/cinnamon or caramel apple... the shades are all so similar which make some deceiving. luckily i didn't have the toothpaste flavoured on/pepper/liquorice. the only liquorice i like is darrel lea's flavoured ones.

5pm service next week is going to be packed like the morning service one, or even more =/
and we might be getting a new english youth pastor (: his last name is Leader..interesting....his sermon today was quite good, and funny (:

i think i can park properly. i reversed park and reverse parallel park between 2 random cars (:
ohhh, they have ben and jerry ice cream at Appletree shops (: my dad offered to buy me some since he knows about my obsession of wanting to try their ice cream except i said that it was a waste of money since there was no "special occasion" for it, and it wasn't even hot today....

50 more min left (:

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