Monday, August 22, 2011

ahhh, english extensionnnnn

nooooooooo idea what to write, well i guess it's a bit more less broad this time since i have to do something about heroes.
but that is still fricken broad, EVERYTHING can relate to heroes )))))):
got extra 2 marks for chem, but so did everyone else since they marked it wrong, so i'm still going to drop heaps of ranks.....

school spirit week sounds fun (:

i want a new phone. actually i can get one, it's just that there are no more 3 stores around so i don't know where i can change my phone :S

oh, this morning i had a mini-heart attack cos my bag was opened and my phone wasn't there so i thought i lost my phone. so i retraced all my steps back to the bus bay but still couldn't find it. so i borrowed a phone and called my dad.
apparently i dropped my phone in like the crack between the car seats so only when i told my dad could he see that i did drop my phone-otherwise he wouldn't have noticed....
i feel soo screwed for yearlys, already ):
soo many more appointments to make....

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