Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rice 2011-Know, Love, Experience

well, every year is always different. this year's talk was good except it was realllly short and there were no games ): like some years they had massiiive beach balls passed around the entertainment centre and king caracticus and other "try to not get the same position as the person in front game" and they didn't have any expos of other churches ):
know, love, experience (:
i liked the speaker's comparison's
it started half an hour to an hour later than normal and ended 30min early. and they didn't have a count down this year or a photo.
but they still had the classic "san choi bow" (:

my rice history (from my memory)
2005-town hall, free entry
2006-town hall, $5  i think that year was really good.
2007-sydney exhibition centre, $5-$10 i think they had this thing where you "journeyed" through different rooms to look at different stuff, a mini-story thing (or was this 2008/9..? )
2008-syd entertainment centre, $15. i think this year was also really good.
2009-syd entertainment centre, $20 i think they had a mini masterchef comp on stage
2010-syd entertainment centre, $20
2011-syd entertainment centre, $20 (no games or big day out, not that i have ever been to a big day out....) no cool ticketmaster tickets to keep ): it felt like this year it was not as crowded and fewer people...

and i missed out on hp6 being aired on tv for the first time....oh wells....
i still got home really late cos my rents decided to go back to family friend's house to talk more....

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