Thursday, August 11, 2011

i have an insane amount of work to do, yet i still spent more than an hour on fb. i need to re-discipline myself and think that every hw task is a trial task. my homework pile is so big :'(

i;m so tank that i declined taking a day off school to study for chem. lol jks, i just don't want a 1 on my days absent.

did i mention yesterday that i on purposely missed out on the bus to sport to catch up on maths homework. yet i'm still behind after doing 2 periods of maths. ):

the guy from rice who came to our scripture fully elaborated on what ben and jerry is. i knew it was an ice-cream and i've never had it so i really really want some now. maybe when i have my p's i can drive there and have some (:
yum, thinking about it makes me hungry.

internet is sooo slow, yet they haven't sent us an email saying we went over the limit. i think our router is acting retarded again ))):
the dog in the house behind us is driving insanely nuts that i am so close to throwing a piece of chocolate over the fence. and i do like dogs, just not the one behind us who has non-stopped barking for 6 hours straight. maybe that's why i don't feel like i can do any work....because i can't concentrate ))):

i''m praying to God it doesn't rain on Saturday.

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