Friday, August 26, 2011

noooooooo! yuck, i got sorted into hufflepuff and got a gay wand. i hate hufflepuff the most. that's it screw Pottermore. it's not even that exciting, just a lot of reading stuff. it's not as fun as i imagined, but that's good since (hopefully) i won't go on it during yearlies.

the reason i'm on it is cause the neighbours are having a party with 60+teenagers and the music is sooo loud i can hear it while showering, so basically i can't even hear myself think and decided to watch hp6 on tv (: and there's a police car outside their house =/
they always have massive bogan parties. i haven't done any work since the second last period today.

why are people so hard to contact??? i don't want to go usyd alone :'( (wait problem solved)

mocha ice-cream doesn't taste like mocha.

and thanks connie for the daffodil (:

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  1. Not really any such thing as a "gay wand", but ok.

    I thought


    Har har har. Othello.

    Anyway, police in your neighbourhood sounds serious. =S